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Elestial crystals

Elestial energy connects with the subtle Angelic and Deveric realms. 
They encourage listening deeply within so one can hear the consciousness of every living thing. This can help in gardening and with sensing the very essence of nature. A deep trust in the trees, water, rocks, flowers, mountains and crystals can be developed. One can become open to what lies deep within these beautiful energies, rather than seeing only their material aspects. Elestial energy can support one in finding personal symbols such as power animals and personal elemental guides.
All of these connections guide and tune energies that will enhance creativity, the love of life, and the feeling of being at one with both the higher Angelic and lower Devic frequencies.
The Master Kuthumi oversees these special crystals.

the Elestial quartz Oversoul is a vast consciousness that rarely comes into our reality. It sits on an entirely different council than the other crystal Oversouls. Elestials sit on the Creator Council also known as the Creator Angels. This council Oversees the working of universal order on a scale difficult for us to imagine. The beings on the Creator Council, which are made up of Angelic as well as Crystalline beings, implemented the creation of earth and our known universe.
A new age has begun. The template for the New Earth has been activated. Elestial consciousness has come forward to assist us as we learn to create on a level we have not experienced before. A new layer of our Overself has become available for us to work with as we co-create with ever more complex understandings of how to work with higher light and how to integrate this light into our understanding of reality.

When we work with Elestial consciousness we are reminded of the energies that build and maintain creation. When we come into contact with this energy we are reminded, on a cellular level, that as human beings we play an important part in the co-creation of many other kingdoms. This includes elemental forms. When we recognize the importance of these other kingdoms and their maintenance of the web of creation we become more than humans just being alive. We can start to step forward as the vast multi-dimensional beings that we are.

We become part of a divine assembly - rather than being messengers of the gods we step into a new role as the message givers.

All writing by Michael Eastwood