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Faden quartz

Faden quartz is a unique find in the quartz family. It appears as tabular crystal formation with a thread of white running through its centre.

It has a rare healing quality and here is my take on its special property. " Faden quartz supports us in many ways mainly through its ability to connect and thread energies together. This we can apply to the unification of chakras and places within the aura. I find that the more interesting aspect of this crystal is the way it re connects our silver chord. This chord is a sacred umbilical chord that we all come into incarnation with, hopefully intact. With some souls this silver chord can become damaged through past life reactions. If this is the case then Faden quartz steps up to assist us in the sacred reconnection of our chord. Through this crystals support we are taken to the point or memory where the roots of the disconnection occured. We are shown ways whereby we can support our own sense of connection. An extremely important healing ally that we can use as therapists. Faden quartz is a Master crystal."

All text by Michael Eastwood author of "the Crystal Oversoul Attunements" cards and book published by Findhorn Press 2011.