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Enhydro crystals

Enhydro translates from Greek as water within. These rare crystals contain pockets of pure water, trapped many hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of years ago.

On a healing level, Enhydros offer us access to the water element within ourselves as well as collectively.
The water element rules the pelvic region - the center of the organs that clean, renew and eliminate. Our feelings/emotional body are overseen by this element and it also connects us to other people, helping us form healthy attachments and relationships. It also affects our attachments to ideas and objects.
When we work with the element of water it becomes clear that in order to remain flexible, fluid and healthy we need to support what it has to teach us. To not do so may lead us to experience difficulties with the natural order of change, flow and transition.
By working with the water element we can consciously align with the inward and outward flow of our Being as well as the universal flow of creation.

On an even deeper level, Enhydro crystals offer us access to the collective past with all its myriad stories and memories. If we choose to, we can work more fully with Enhydro consciousness as it guides us into our own past, reflecting ancient scripts back to us back and thus highlighting our place within the greater reality.