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Blue Mist Lemurians

Blue Mist quartz with Limonite inclusions at the base hand mined in the Colombian Andes. Some believe that the mist effect is due to delicate inclusions of asbestos (as the asbestos is included with the quartz it is no longer harmful) but a mineral friend of mine says that the blue mist is due to the crystal going through a process of self-healing. Whatever the cause these crystals are breathtakingly beautiful.

To get to the mine one has to drive for two and a half hours then walk for another two and a half hours. 

Once held in the light the blue mist becomes more evident at the centre up to the tips thus creating an ethereal effect. To me, these beautiful crystals radiate an angelic energy of the highest softest light.

I meditated with the Oversoul of the crystal and here is what it said "I come as a gentle brother/sister offering my energies during your time of unfolding. You are vast Beings of light that may require assistance from the higher realms of the inner cosmos. I offer my services through my Blue Mist crystals to assist you in becoming even vaster, to remind you of how free you really are".

Being in the presence of these crystals invites adjustment.

Further information has come through regarding these precious crystals "We are multi-dimensional beings of light. Our consciousness could not become known until you had passed the threshold and stepped onto the New Earth. Our garments of light bring with them new healing modalites that offer a further expression of your light, a light that was previously unknown".

All Blue Mist quartz is Lemurian by nature.

All writing by Michael Eastwood