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Carnelian is a stone for the Sacral (Swadhisthana) Chakra, its vibration is one of creativity, creative energy and joy. It connects strongly to the emotions and being able to express emotion easily, as well as being comfortable with our sexual selves. It is a strong, stimulating and creative stone that has the potential to fully balance the Sacral Chakra.

The Oversoul of Carnelian helps us recalibrate the patterns, images and pictures stored within our subconscious. The mandala is a warm inviting orange hue that has around its edges shades of soft rose pink. The mandala is made of a series of overlapping forms that builds a picture of complete harmony. 8 beings reflect the Oversoul’s consciousness. The beings appear to our eyes as if they are formed of watery layers of orange light. The beings welcome us with their beautiful presence that instantly calms our emotions. They ask us to dive into the centre of the mandala with them. Upon entering we see in front of us a large Carnelian coloured temple that is illuminated and basking in an orange glow. Following the beings inside, we encounter a space in the centre of the temple shaped like an eight-pointed star. We know we have to stand in its centre, and the beings surround us creating another eight-pointed star mandala. All of the beings focus their light and healing intention upon us, which bathes us in orange light. The main focus of their attention is our sacral chakra that absorbs their rays. We see and feel through this that we are free - free to shape and create our desired reality. Our subconscious is clear and thus flowing in the direction we seek to follow.

All writing by Michael Eastwood copyright "Crystal Oversoul cards Attunements for Lightworkers"