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Deva Temples

Deva temples belong to a rare group of clear quartz. Because of the great spectrum of clear quartz crystals they are difficult to identify.
The way I distinguish is by a specific celestial other-worldly luminosity which manifests around their field and draws me into their presence. Their shine and glow is stronger and differs from other clear quartz.
Deva temples exist within our dimension as well as another sphere, and whenever I encounter any of these auspicious crystals I am deeply moved by the presence of something holy and otherworldly which reminds me of sensing a celestial presence in a sacred place such as a secretive waterfall or grove of trees.

Devas will often choose to partly infuse a crystal with their presence like sacred beings animating such holy wells, sacred sites, ancient temples or circles of trees. Devas have no desire to be worshipped and the crystal point embodying a deva temple is not meant to distract us from our own power. We are invited to work with the deva to raise our consciousness and feel able to access more sensitive and refined states of awareness and move easier between worlds and dimensions.
I think that devas want to share their experience of the world, as a series of inter-connected and over-lapping subtle and denser realities which reaches beyond our common perception of one tangible state of existence.

Over time an alignment between the deva and the human guardian of the crystal gradually unfolds and develops as we are welcomed into the devas light-body and thus see reality and multi-dimensional universes through their eyes. This process synchronizes the eighth and ninth human chakras with that of the Deva so that the two energies merge as one mind and consciousness.

Devas often desire to work with those in the creative arts, musicians, writers and group facilitators, and this suggests that what is being impressed upon the mind of the receiver can be absorbed by the collective consciousness via imagination, emotion and as a shared experience for the greater good of all.

Deva temples tend to attract beings from elemental kingdoms or inter-dimensional realities.

All writing by Michael Eastwood