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Tanzanite is a valuable ally in metaphysics. It helps one utilise the often troublesome relationship between heart and mind as well as activating and stimulating the Third Eye. Tanzanite can help awaken ones inner vision and with this a deep rooted trust and faith in ones own intuition.

Here is what the Crystal Oversouls have to say about this stone: Tanzanite: Within the crown and eighth chakras above the head are seeds and codes that carry our original blueprint. These seeds and codes are often inactive and await a time when they are needed. When activated through meditation or healing with Tanzanite a profound awakening takes place. Intuition is heightened, as we perceive the past, moment and future simultaneously, it is like having a 360 degree vision above the head.
During Atlantis and Lemuria the crown and eighth chakras were more closely linked with the pineal gland playing a more active role. The ability to access infinite cosmic vibrations, inter-species communication, telepathy and the ability to direct energies are immeasurably enhanced.