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Hollandite is spectacular, it can naturally occur as tiny stars within quartz. Used to remind you of your starry origins, hollandite will increase your self esteem and challenge any self depreciating attitudes that you hold.

The Hollandite Oversoul speaks: “Beloved one. You carry deep within your cellular memory banks the codes that would be required for this part of our journey. You are here on purpose. These codes have remained dormant until the turning of evolution that completed its cycle during 2012. As you have emerged and taken your position on the New Earth you will need to know what the next stage of your unfolding will be. My stars will activate and
awaken the cellular coding that you carry within, encouraging these ancient codes to awaken. These codes will support your on-going journey. Through this you will stand within a vast network of highly calibrated knowingness that functions to support your divinity here on Earth.”

We stand in the light, feeling how the attunement frees up a restriction in our core, while observing that the Oversoul is directing powerful rays of light deep into our aura.

The Oversoul speaks: “Beloved one. Any time you need to remember or fine-tune your energy, gaze upon my mandala. I will respond to your gaze, revealing to your subconscious what is required for your next step.”

From the Crystal Oversoul cards Attunements for Lightworkers by Michael Eastwood