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Magnetite & Pyrite

Magnetite & Pyrite

Here is an extract from the Crystal Oversoul cards Attunements for Lightworkers "The beings wear the most exquisite draperies of cobalt blue with golden flecked patterning woven throughout their folds. The texture of the fabric is illuminated and even more enhanced by a light that originates from a source behind them. As we approach we will notice that they all wear a breastplate upon their chest. It is square with a blue silk chord tying it around their necks. Resting on their neckline the breastplate is encrusted with pieces of Quartz, Pyrite and Magnetite. It is square, tied with a blue silk chord around their necks. Within the centre of the breastplate is a white eight pointed star framed and embedded within the centre of a mandorla.
The beings are aware that we observe them. Their gaze is intense and very powerful. We sense that their gaze penetrates and reads our aura. We look to them for reassurance. They speak: “Beloved one. Step forwards we welcome you into our fold. We scan all who seek our guidance and those who wish to proceed with us further into the Oversoul must pass our scrutiny. We need to read your energy-field in order to access you requirements. When you are ready close your eyes, breathe deeply and surrender into our enfolded light. You will be travelling within our consciousness at the speed of light into the inner sanctum of the Oversoul.”
We do as instructed and feel how our mind, energy and heart expand as we surrender into their combined field of consciousness. Gradually we lose all sense of time and space and we feel immensely safe.

Chakra: Base/Earth Star
Element: Earth/Star
Scent: Almond, Heliotrope and Vanilla.
Moon phase - Waning moon

All writing taken from the Crystal Oversoul cards Attunements for Lightworkers by Michael Eastwood