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Dowsing for Health and Home - 6 part course
Have you ever wondered how dowsing can help you?
Kelly Peacey teaches dowsing over 6 days.  Learn the art of dowsing and train to become a skilled and accurate dowser by taking responsibility for your own health and home.
This course aims to empower you to not only determine possible causation of current and past disease and ailments but also apply the most appropriate form of healing, action and therapeutic modality.
The course offers a stepped progressive pathway and must be done in order unless proven previous experience is provided.
Still think this is quackery? Dowsing continues to be used today by water companies, the military, the police and oil companies.  It is a valuable life skill and tool for finding out information beyond the yet known and for locating people, water and lost items.  It is natural, and everyone can do it with practise.
Dowsing for Health – Part 1 (3 days)
Day 1 – Saturday, September 22nd
Basic Skills:  Y/N, Charts, Maps, Protocols, Ethics
Energetic preparation
Energy Body diagnostics: Chakras, Auric Layers, Body systems
Dowsing for intolerances: Food and Substances
Conscious choices and living with the consequences
Tools for healing
‘One Minute fixes’
Day 2 – Saturday, October 6th
Causation of disease: using charts and protocols
The Power of Intention
Mind - Body connection: the hidden message of your ailment
Universal Laws
Relationship compatibility: understanding conflict and tools for healing
Trouble shooting
Day 3 – Saturday, October 13th
Healing with the Soul:  charts and protocols
Past-life, ancestral, attachments, vows, curses, soul contracts, soul fragments
The Soul and Ego: roles and needs
Karma: Principle of Cause and Effect
Healing tools
Dowsing and healing the home – Part 2 (3 days)
Day 1 – Saturday, December 8th
Sources of Electro-stress
Stages of disease of Electro-sensitivity
Applications for healing and protection
Crystal applications: shield, support and harmonise
Day 2 – Saturday, January 12th
Causes of Geopathic-stress and implications to health
Energy lines, grids, water and other points of power
Relationship to the home and land
Spirit of the place and guardians of the home & land
Working with the elementals and crystals
Remote dowsing and healing
On-site dowsing and healing
Day 3 – Saturday, February 2nd.
Understanding the different Psychic-stressors
The ‘No Fear Approach’
Psychic residue (echoes of trauma)
Curses, hexes and spells
Displaced spirits (human and other)
Portals and cords
Psychic boundaries
Dowsing, detection and healing (remote and on-site methodology)
Sacred Ceremony
Support: Crystals and Higher spirit helpers
Tools for the job
Venue: AristiA, 233 Albert Road, Southsea. PO4 0JR
Cost: £75 per day or £400 for all 6 days if paid in full before the start date
Dowsing for Health (Part 1)
Day 1 – September 22nd 2018
Day 2 – October 6th
Day 3 – October 13th
Dowsing and healing the home (Part 2)
Day 1 – December 8th
Day 2 – January 12th 2019
Day 3 – February 2nd 2019

If you would like to enrol or have any questions, please email Kelly Peacey directly at kelly@kellypeacey.com


2 Year Diploma in Crystal Healing with Kelly Peacey from the Cotswolds School of Crystal Healing & Awareness

Want to train as a professional crystal healer? the Cotswolds School of Crystal Healing & Awareness offers it all… from accredited progression level class room based learning and is a member school of Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO) and Crystal Therapy Council (CTC).

As professional accredited Crystal Healing trainees, all trainees follow the Core Curriculum as set by Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO) as part of CSCHA’s syllabus. The course is taught experientially and includes comprehensive assessments and case studies to ensure a high degree of skill and expertise is attained on completion.

Foundation Level 2018:
October 27th, November 24th, 2019: January 26th, February 23rd and March 30th.

Certificate Level 2019:
April 27th, May 25th, June 29th, July 27th and September 28th.

Diploma Level 2019:
October 26th, November 30th, 2020: January 25th, February 29th, March 28th, April 25th, May 30th, June 27th, July 25th, September 26th, October 31st and November 28th.

COST: Foundation Level Y1, P1 £500
Certificate Level Y1, P2 £600
Foundation and Certificate Training Y1, P1 & P2 £1000*
Diploma Level Y2 £1100
Full 2 Year Training Foundation,
Certificate and Diploma £2000**
*Paid together **Paid in full

Venue: AristiA 233 Albert Road Southsea, PO4 0JR
To enroll please email kelly@kellypeacey.com
Foundation Level Y1, P1
(5 days)
Certificate Level Y1, P2
(Foundation level + extra 5 days)
Diploma Year 2
(Certificate level + extra 12 days)

Level Training in Crystal Healing
Year 1, part 1 – 5 days
The Foundation Level Training in Crystal Healing is the first half of the Certificate Training. It can be done as a stand-alone course which lasts just 5 days although many prefer to continue onto the extra 5 days making it a Certificate.

This course covers the following subjects:
Understanding how crystal healing works?
Care for your crystals.
Personal Energy Maintenance
Connecting with Crystalline Consciousness
Sensing subtle energies
Crystal Properties Knowledge
Chakra Theory & Healing
Aura Correction Healing
Client care
Treatment Protocols
Basic Crystal grids

Level Training in Crystal Healing
Year 1, part 2 – 5 days
On completion you are eligible to join the CSCHA and ACHO Professional Practitioner Register’s as a Certified Crystal Therapist.
This course covers the following subjects:
Science of Vibrational Medicine
Meridian Toning
Crystal Energy Tapping
Crystal Zone Therapy
Colour Infusion Crystal Therapy
Working with the minor chakras
Working with the transpersonal chakras
Distant Healing
Crystal Elixers, Crystal Energy Sprays and Crystal Water
Crystal Neuro repatterning
Cultivating the higher senses
Self-care for therapists and healers
Managing your environment
Business Basics

in Advanced Crystal Healing
Year 2 - additional 12 days
The Full Diploma requires that Year 1 Foundation Level and Certificate Level has been completed and takes the therapist into deeper Soul Work, adding valuable wisdom and expertise into the more esoteric and psycho-spiritual nature of Crystal Healing.
Completion of the Full Diploma makes you eligible to join the CSCHA and ACHO registers as a Diploma Level Crystal Therapist.

The Diploma covers the following subjects:
Spiritual Expansion with Crystals – Crystal Skulls and Sacred Symbolism
Scrying with crystals (obsidian mirrors and crystal balls) – ethics
Crystallomancy for clients and self
Becoming a crystal channel
Using crystals for dream recall (self & clients) – connecting with the subconscious to understand blocks, record keeping
Inner child healing with crystals
Relationship compatibility healing grid (including ethics) Understanding soul mates and soul learning, power and control battles and client empowerment crystal healing techniques
Pyramid power
Cosmic Alignments with Crystal Grids – Planetary, Solar, Lunar, Galactic
Creating a Numerology chart for clients and troubleshooting crystal healing treatments to remedy imbalances (i.e Life Path 1 has all the ideas and yet can’t complete – integrating the 1 and the 8) Numerology consultations help to identify core issues quickly.
Master Crystals for personal self-development
Ancestral healing with crystals
Vows & soul contracts work using crystals
Earth Energies and Geopathic Stress Rectification using Crystals (including connecting with the elemental kingdom for assistance)
Merkaba Light Body Activation with crystals (grid work)
Advanced Sacred Geometric Crystal Grid Healing
Balancing the elements healing with the Platonic Solids (more grid work)
Past life regression and healing with crystals
Soul family healing crystals
Universal Laws. (Karma) understanding how they relate to healing – to include the Hermetic Principles
Zuni fetish crystals
Higher Dimensional Helpers

Venue: AristiA 233 Albert Road Southsea, PO4 0JR
To enroll please email kelly@kellypeacey.com
Or visit: kellypeacey.com

Navigating the New with The Nine Chakra Crystal Healing set


A workshop exploring the power and potential of the Nine Chakra Crystal Healing set with Michael Eastwood

Sunday 14th October 2018 10.30 am - 4.00pm Cost £44.00

It has been quite a few years since I taught on The Nine Chakra Crystal Healing set. Much has happened to me and humanity during this time, and the world seems a very different place. Since the set’s creation I have written and published another three books and card editions, taught crystal diploma courses as well as one off events and retreats. I found myself drawn back to this set and feel the call to integrate these particular crystals, which focus on the nine chakra system in an extended sense, within a wider framework of my other crystal work.
I see myself and the people I work with within the crystal field as Crystal Shamans. During days such as this we walk between worlds and dimensional universes, both our personal and collective ones. I invite you to come and explore with me something that is as relevant as it has been when I introduced it for the first time.

The day will involve

Introduction to the sacred geometry of this unique set of crystals
Group attunement which will involve building of a mandala and guided meditation to the Star Council

How to use the Nine Chakra Healing Set in a treatment session

The Earth Star Chakra, its function in healing and grounding

Working with Light Beings within a healing session . Often people find that by working with these crystals an ancient relationship with Light Beings is re-established

Learning about solar transmissions. By working with this set of crystals we become more receptive to energetic light streams that seek to help us navigate our and our client’s energy systems more effortlessly

We will explore the traditional model of the seven chakra system in healing as well as the extension into the 8th and 9th chakras

Aspects of working with the cycles of the moon

The day will also involve a multitude of crystals and Oversouls such as Lemurian seed crystals, Ajoite, Dragons and Skulls. None of these crystals are required but if you have them bring them along

This course is open for those who are already working with the set, who desire to ground the acquired knowledge by working with Michael, as well as those who have recently received the set (or plan to purchase it before the course) and wish to gain confidence in using it. The course is not suitable for those who do not have the crystal set https://aristia.co.uk/nine-chakra-healing-set-1248265983/

You will need
A Nine Chakra Crystal Healing Set https://aristia.co.uk/nine-chakra-healing-set-1248265983/
the accompanying book by Michael Eastwood
a piece of Petrified Wood

Location AristiA 233 Albert Road
Southsea PO4 0JR
023 9235 5645 or mike@aristia.co.uk

This course does not qualify you as a crystal healer. It is an additional module combining well with other healing modalities such as Reiki.
Michael is the author of: Crystal Oversoul Attunements, Unfolding Our Light, The Nine Chakra Crystal Healing Manual and the Crystal Oversoul New Earth Attunements
He has worked in the crystal healing field for 30 years. He has been the Chair of ACHO and CTC, and he is currently the disciplinary Chair of ACHO.