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Manifestation crystals

Manifestation crystals are a rare and natural occurance. A process takes place whereby a complete and smaller crystal remains visible inside a larger crystal. On an energetic level we can align ourselves with this process and learn much about the journey towards wholeness. Manifestation can mean many things to many people, be it manifesting more of something that we lack or need to make our life more abundant. Manifestation crystals when used in conjunction with meditation can help us align to a more prosperous and positive attitude.

An even deeper way to manifest is to align our intentions with the moon cycles.

New moon (three days) When the moon is lined up with the sun but out of view from our perspective on earth. The moon appears dark. A time for of new potential, cleansing, new beginnings and purifying. Can also be a time of rest and reflection. The perfect time to create rituals that bless or heal.
A time to focus on what we want or need through visualization and creativity. The time to begin projects, begin a new direction and focus on what we want.

Waxing moon (dark to full 14 days) A period when the moon gains more light, power and growth. The perfect time for drawing things towards us, manifesting, increasing and a time of growth. Important at this stage is to start to believe in what we are creating.

Full moon (three days) the moon is visible throughout the night. It is the highest energy point or most intense healing magic. The day before the full moon and afterwards can be counted on as well. A time to count our blessings and feel our power to create and to turn our attention outwards.

Waning moon also known as a Balsamic moon (full to dark 14 days) When the moon becomes less visible each night. A magical time for releasing, eliminating or decreasing that which has served its time or that which is toxic. A time to rest and trust in our inner light - to know that we have done the best that we could and if need be to prepare for the next cycle. Is there anything we need to adjust or have we achieved what we set out to do?

Dark Moon (three days before the new moon) When the moon is no longer visible. A time to be quiet, introspective and reflective. To trust in silence and seek the nurturing that darkness can bring through meditation. This can be a time when the surface of our creativity is at its lowest - but all is not what is seems. These three days can teach us much about going within and being open to guidance from our intuition as well as a time for releasing fear of the unknown.

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