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Magdalene Quartz

Magdalene Quartz has a variety of inclusions including rutile, tourmaline, sagenite and epidote. I asked the Crystal Oversouls what they thought about this stone. Here is their response. “Beloved One. This stone reveals, to those drawn, sacred feminine aspects of consciousness that await retrieval. You could imagine these as aspects as crystalline fragments that have remained dormant in a persons energy field, quietly waiting for illumination. Magdalene Quartz will establish a connection and thus attune you to the Shekinah. Through this attunement you become a living catalyst that stimulates the divine light within yourself as well as those you encounter. Invite the essence of Magdalene Quartz to illuminate your field in such a way that all that needs returning to you does so. Ask ancient fragments of your being to join you in this lifetime as you continue to learn how to co-create with even more of your vaster being.”