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Ajoite Polished Piece (10244)


Product Description

Ajoite is one of the rarest crystals on the planet and no known deposits are left. Here is my take on this important stone. Ajoite is a copper silicate mineral, that occurs usually in Quartz. First discovered in Arizona by the Papago Indians, this highly prized crystal was valued as a bringer of peace and purity. In 1947 a deposit had been found at the Messina mine in South Africa, but it was not correctly identified until 1960 as Ajoite. The last discovery of Ajoite at the Messina mine was made in 1991 and now due to dangerous conditions in the mine, the mine is closed. To date there are no known new sources of this precious crystal and none likely to come onto the market. On a Physical Level: Strong electrical currents are charged from Ajoite, helps to rejuvenate the organs and physical body. Stimulates the absorbtion of more light into the cells, enabling the cells to handle higher frequencies. An important crystal for the changes taking place on a molecular level within humanity, as we travel off the old map of reality into the unknown. Ajoite helps the human form adapt and anchor high vibrations of light into the DNA, releasing old out-dated beliefs and planetary miasms that no longer serve. Ajoite stimulates the meridian system and if directed will open the Heart and Throat chakras. On an Emotional Level: aids in helping one communicate inner truths from a heart filled space. Eliminates hostility on all levels - with oneself, others and environment. Brings a feeling of peace with the Earth. Helps the emotional body expand and be open to others. If attracted to this stone can be that you are ready to release fears of being incarnate and are ready to stand out and be seen for what you really are, which in essence is a brilliant spiritual being in human form. Ajoite helps soften the emotional discomfort of being different, and being truely visible. The Angelic Oversoul of Ajoite is a wise Being that is overseeing human DNA changes. This Being is serving humanity in connection to the adjustment and re-alignment of the emotional body. This Being of Ajoite was present in the Lemurian civilization, and withdrew its vibrations after the destruction of Lemuria. This vast being of Ajoite serves as a portal for the emotional body to quicken and adapt to the required changes currently permeating our atmosphere. Call upon Ajoite to help open the sacred seals placed in the etheric body. These seals where closed on many humans after Lemuria faded into history, in order to protect the Lemurian light from being recognised. The Lemurian light is the colour of Ajoite and Lemurian people radiate this subtle light. In some lifetimes Lemurians have been persecuted for the light they radiate, this has led to many Lemurians being less than they are in order to fit in. If this resonates with you, you may find that your seals have remained closed and you may feel inhibited and unable to function with all your magical powers. Ajoite when absorbed as an essence will release any trapped light and open the seals and etheric body, if that be your wish. The Ajoite vibration is a powerful force for people who feel drawn to it, and can help release ancient memories. *all text taken from Soul Medicine by Mike Eastwood* 1.25" x 0.75".

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