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Saturday 16th September 1pm - 4pm

Harmonising the polarities with in us, and the world.
Working with the Sacred Masculine and Feminine Archetypes, to heal the wounded masculine/feminine aspects of ourselves and shift our perception of these energies, and our relationship with them.

Developing the practice of Fire breath.
Building our personal fire creating balance and harmony and releasing any energy that no longer serves us.

Connecting with The Wirraculture (source of the Sacred)
Via 8th Chakra. Developing the practice of being with in this soul space to  clear energy field, deepen our connection with elemental energy, and support self healing.

Connecting with the elements
Developing practices to clear imbalance in the Light Energy Field, and create space for the seeds of our New Becoming to grow.

Fee £40

For booking and payment details please contact Wendy on 07595761411

BelovedOne Chanting

Saturday September 23rd 2-4pm, £12 or concession £9.

Chanting is a surefire way to opening the heart...the repetition of sacred sounds or mantras stills the mind, allowing the heart to awaken to its own divine state of Love.

All paths exist to purify and heal all negative thought and emotion; to free us from false egoic attachments and thus end all suffering.

Do join us as we chant our hearts out with voice, harmonium, drum, violin and guitar...and a 'good' voice is not required!

Booking is essential e-mail om@beloved-one.co.uk or text 07816812947

the Crystal Enlightenment Retreat 2017

Join Michael Eastwood and Lauren D'Silva, along with their co-facilitators Sandra Hope-Maskell, Kelly Peacey and Steve Deeks-D'Silva in a crystalline experience held at the award winning Earthspirit Retreat Centre near Glastonbury in Somerset, UK.

What can you expect on the Crystal Enlightenment Retreat?

Inspiration, time for contemplation, group activities, relaxation and a chance to be with plenty of like-minded, crystal-loving people. Crystal mandalas, a crystal labyrinth, meditations and visualisations, Shamanic crystal healing and so much more...

Arrivals Sunday 24th September between 7pm  and 9pm. Departures by 2.30pm on Thursday 28th September 2017.

Please follow link to the web site before booking. http://www.crystalconference.info/ Read terms and conditions and fill out the booking form before paying. http://www.crystalconference.info/booking


Healing with crystal light grids – Free Talk with Kelly Peacey

2.00 pm start until 3.30pm 21st October 2017

Sacred Geometry has been described as the language of creation offering a blueprint for all of existence.  In this talk Kelly explains how the specifically aligned placement of quartz crystal on sacred geometric patterns can bring about profound healing and expanded consciousness.

Kelly is one of the brightest stars in the crystal healing world and we at AristiA feel honoured to have her presence, knowledge and wit available during what will be a wonderful experience for all.

Yoga with Lesley Charters

Lesley is a course tutor with the Inner Yoga Trust, a school of yoga offering ‘Scaravelli Inspired’ yoga teacher training courses, workshops and holidays. These workshops at AristiA focus on yoga postures, breathing awareness and relaxation. Lesley’s teaching brings awareness to the way we move and breathe; connecting the limbs with the spine and finding our relationship with gravity to release the spine, connect with the earth and free-up the breath. This is a deep practice bringing us to the core of our being.

Cost £22 each

Saturday 11th November 2017 11am-2pm, 3 hours with a tea break. Cost £22 each.

Saturday workshops are for anyone who is interested in practising yoga in this ‘Scaravelli Inspired’ way.
For more information or to book, please contact Lesley on 07752637860 or
lesleycharters@btinternet.com www.time2breathe.co.uk

Person-Centred Counselling with Debra Green Reg. MBACP

Counselling sessions are available Thursday and Fridays between 10.15am  and 5pm

I am a  a fully qualified, experienced and professional counsellor.  I offer support to individuals of any age (16+) and any background, couples and young people.
I have found with my clients that by being in a safe and non-judgemental environment that this can help so much in working though the things that have been holding them back in life. You will leave therapy with renewed energy, more self confidence and more purpose in life.

The cost of an initial session is £12.50 where you can come along and meet me and find out how counselling works and begin to explore what brings you to counselling.  After this session if you decide you would like to start on your journey to peace and well being then the cost for full sessions is £25 for individuals and £35 for couples.

Please call me on 07514329985 or email me on debbie.green23@ntlworld.com to arrange an appointment or for further details.

See also: http://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/counsellors/debra-green where I have a web page giving more details.