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Phantom Quartz flame (10309)


Product Description

This flame catches the light beautifully giving a wonderful example of how it contains the full colour spectrum. Quartz has many uses and applications in healing, when used in conjunction with other crystals it has the ability to enhance and amplify that crystals energy. When placed near electrical equipment, clear quartz is able to diffuse negative electrical and radioactive charges and is generally used for an all round space clearer. Inside the Quartz are many solid phantoms, which have grown first and then stopped, the quartz has then ressumed its crystallisation enclosing the phantom crystal outline within itself. Phantoms are wonderful tools for past life work and regression.

The symbol of the Sacred flame is as old as time. When we work with the shape of a flame we can be reminded of the eternal fire that burns brightly within us. It serves as a reminder of our life-force that rests of the altar of our souls heart.

The sacred fire of Vesta was a sacred eternal flame in Rome. The Vestal virgins served for thirty years, tending the holy fire. On a symbolic level, they also tended the soul of the city through the maintenance sacred fire of Vesta.
We can see healing parallels in this.  Just as temples housed a sacred flame, so too does our body house a sacred flame, one that can never be erased.

Our inner flame accompanies us lifetime to lifetime. It is ours to attend to, to care for and nurture. Crystal flames serve as visual and energetic tools, reminding us of our fiery life-force that burns brightly no matter our circumstances.

Measures 4" x 4.25".

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