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Lemurian seed crystal with Hematite inclusion (1393496036)


Product Description

I have used an extract from the book 'Unfolding Our Light' that best describes this remarkable crystal. Lemurian Seed crystals play a vital part in the unfolding of our eighth chakra. "Through the attunement of the eighth chakra we can learn much about what we carry hidden within ourselves since Lemuria. Each of us owns incredible skills and gifts from that time, waiting for a sacred time, such as now, to come forward again and serve humanity. Through this we can share our vastness with no need to hide our light.
When we take the eighth attunement we begin a process of awakening by setting in motion the wheels of the ninth chakra at the same time. Our cosmic light-body descends through the ninth after the eighth has been activated. This process looks like a dove descending from high above the ninth. This dove is in reality our cosmic overself descending into our current human anatomical system. This process transforms the entire seven chakra system and thus resets it into the new template. This is what the Oversouls called the sacred point of overlap. They gave an image of overlapping diamonds descending and ascending, ever changing, wheels within wheels."

This beauty measures 10" x 1.5" at its widest point. The tip contains Hematite.

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