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Freestanding Lemurian Seed crystal (1282729478)


Product Description

Lemurian seed crystals are very special for these times. Lemurian seed crystals are a variety of Clear Quartz with a hardness of 7. They were originally found in South American mines and have their vibrational origins in Lemurian times. They are surfacing at this time to help us re-connect to Lemuria and its vibrations. My guidance says that Lemuria was the original continent where the first wave of Star Beings descended, in those days known as the Motherland. Atlantis was an out post of Lemuria formed some thousands of years later, and the two continents lasted for thousands and thousands of years. Lemuria was the womb of original creation. The Lemurians worked with what we now call vibrational or subtle medicine. They co-created with the mineral, deveric, Angelic and elemental kingdoms, what we now take for granted - trees, plants, animals and all we see in this world. The Lemurians had a strong link to the Star worlds and information passed freely between the stars and this world. The portals between Earth and Stars were open and clear. The Lemurians needed this connection to help stabalize their energies while they stepped down their vibrations over many years to the earth plane. The Lemurians biggest gift they gave humanity was the ladder of lights - the Tree of Life. It is our ladder home, our connection to our original essence. The lemurian seed crystal has ladder markings up the side of its slender point, when rubbed with the left hand the point sings. When you can open your inner ear to the song a Lemurian seed crystal sings the heart chakra releases any karmic debris from Lemurian times. The song when heard with the inner ear transforms and awakens all those in its environment. The song is sweet and haunting and if you hold the point upwards and rub the markings you can travel through the worlds to your original essence - the Adam Kadmon.

Freestanding measures 8" tall by 2.75" wide at the base. Termination is perfect.

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