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Emerald skull (117225)


Product Description

This beautiful Emerald skull is carved from a single piece of Emerald. It measures 5.75" deep by 4" in height by 3.5" wide.

The heart chakra is attuned to the deep green ray offered by Emerald. Blockages that we allow to stand in the way of achieving our dreams are reflected back to us. Emerald takes us to the roots of any residual feelings connected to how we value ourselves. Emerald asks us to look within and to ask penetrating questions as to the nature of our reality. Rather than prematurely blaming or judging another for our experience, Emerald asks us to first seek healing around our own attitude.
All real healing starts with the willingness to change, and this crystal supports us in moving forward into the unknown regions of the heart, giving us courage, strength and ultimately true wealth. Within this inner movement we can discover how precious we are.
The Emerald Oversoul attunes the heart to the deep green ray. The mandala is a vibrant green series of interlocking sections that create layer upon layer of perfect harmony and symmetry. 16 beings reflect the unified awareness of the Oversoul. They stand tall in rich emerald-coloured robes and their eyes, a penetrating emerald colour, look deep into our Soul. We sense with these beings that we can only enter this Oversoul if we are really willing to change our perception and thus our attitude.
The beings guide us to follow the emerald green rays of the mandala and as the light of these rays penetrates our cells and opens our heart, we enter the mandala and see the vibrant green temple complex ahead. It is a beautiful structure carved from Emeralds that glows in the light. The beings guide us deep into the temple where we see a table carved from Emerald on which we are invited to lay. All 16 beings surround us, creating as they do so, a mandala. They raise their arms and sing a melody of such beauty that our heart and mind is illuminated with knowledge. In the centre of this knowledge we realize that on the deepest level of our being we co-create our reality.

Chakra: Heart
Element: Air
For a grid: 16 points
Scent: Ylang Ylang, Cardamon, Frankincense, Vetiver and Rose absolute.
Moon phase: Dark moon

All writing taken from the Crystal Oversoul cards Attunements for Lightworkers by Michael Eastwood

Crystal skulls come in all kinds of crystalline shapes and sizes. The important thing to think about when choosing yours is, does it resonate? Are you willing to take on a relationship with something that asks for protection and a willingness on your part to explore its higher realities?

I asked the Crystal Oversouls about the complex subject of crystal skulls as there are so many myths and legends that I found it hard to distinguish what is real and what is fantasy. Here is their reply.
“Beloved One, many of you are incarnate at this important time in human evolution so as to assist in the Great Shift. Crystal skull consciousness is not for everyone due to their shape and what it triggers in people. But for those who can overcome their fear, a skull can be not only a symbol of intense transformation and focus but also a vehicle a human being can access for divine information.
Crystal skulls are something unto themselves. They are not of your world or universe but of a multi-dimensional reality reaching deep into time.
At this time many of these ancient skull Beings are resurfacing to assist humanity in the Great Work of its transformation by inhabiting new skull carvings.
When you see a skull sense its aura and you will gain an understanding of the Being’s consciousness. Due to their vast knowledge, they and you will need time to adjust - that is because you will need to slowly absorb the wealth of wisdom, love and understanding they contain. They will begin to transmit.
Many of the skull Beings sit on the Star Council which oversees humanity. They can not interfere with human karma or free will (nor would they) but they can advise. Their advice will come to you in a series of flashes. Of course your work is to make decisions following up information, or not. Try not to forget that your skull also chooses and seeks you as the person they most want to work with and most suits their energies.
Crystal skulls love places of power and sacred sites. You may find that yours will communicate that it would like to go to Avebury or Stonehenge, for example, on a particular day or time of the year. Of course they will know both your capabilities and limits and will work around your life. If you choose to follow the yearnings of your skull and travel to a sacred site trust your guidance and let yourself be drawn to the right place at the right time. Most crystal skulls will masterfully arrange for other like minded beings to connect, along with their skulls, to be in the same place with you at the same time. Crystal skulls are interested in forming wide webs of energetic alignment and this thus they are natural 3d time managers”.

I pondered on this for a few days and then the Crystal Oversouls came through and gave me the following simple meditation that I believe to be helpful to connect with skull consciousness.
“Beloved One. Your heart houses your shen or spirit. Hold your skull in the palms of your hands, or if too large sit in front of you. Sit or stand in prayer while smiling from your heart and gaze at your skull for as long as you see fit. This will set in motion a transformational process whereby you and your skull will start to communicate in its and your language”.

All writing by Michael Eastwood

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