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Angel traditional incense

Angel traditional incense is made by Fiore d’Oriente. In 1988 Fiore d’Oriente was founded in partnership with a group of families in India to produce the best incense and provide our customers with a fresh and pure product.
Our incense sticks are completely hand-made and burn for approximately 65 to 80 minutes.
Incense sticks bring peace and serenity if they are made peacefully and calmly with the highest quality natural ingredients. Our factory in Balgalore, India, is responsible for selecting the best raw material and preparing the Masala mix which the incense stick is created from.
Our Masala is made of honey, rare wood powders, essential oils, spices and exclusive resins to make soft and gum-like incense releasing a unique fragrance with an amazing quality. We use only natural ingredients with no chemicals perfumes and no mineral oils. Our Masala is prepared to the same secret recipe as it was 400 years ago as prescribed by the ancient Vedic teachings, the lunar phases, the sun’s and the planets’ orbits and very
precious traditional secrets. Masala is a live mixture and must be therefore treated with great care and serenity in production. Its ingredients are secretly mixed at different times.
Masala is processed and stored in earthenware pots and it takes about 15 days before it can be rolled onto the sticks with masterly skill. The drying process lasts about seven days while the sticks are continuously turned around to dry.
This is a very important phase for the future preservation of incense, which lasts from one week in hot weather to two weeks when it is cold and humid. After the drying process the sticks are immediately wrapped up in paper envelopes to keep them fresh.