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Amber (1112492)


Product Description

The Oversoul of Amber has a restorative effect on our sense of power. The mandala is a deep warm amber colour that is visually built up through complex layers of soft amber light. The whole effect of this light emanation has a balancing effect upon us. The geometric patterning of the mandala recalibrates the seed symbol within our solar plexus. There are 6 beings that are the combined Oversoul consciousness. They greet with tenderness radiating from within their eyes. They wear copper coloured robes and carry large staffs in their right arms that are carved from amber.
They invite us into the mandala where we emerge into a golden landscape. Everywhere we look there are pieces of amber that create a golden glowing light. We are asked to stand in the centre of the golden landscape and as we do the beings surround us. Through their combined powerful auras they create a mandala of sublime beauty. As they illuminate the space with their golden light they raise their staffs with their right arm, while encouraging us to raise ours. And indeed, we also hold in our right arm our staff of golden amber light. In our own time we raise our staff, feeling our power rising within our being. We realize how powerful we are and we feel that we do not need to force power - we are conduits of power.
Copyright Michael Eastwood taken from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements published by Inner Traditions Bear & Co.

Measures 2" x 1.5" - origin Madagascar.

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