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Quartz Buddha (111217)


Product Description

This divine Medicine Buddha has been hand carved in Nepalese quartz. The talented carver has taken the time to carefully and intricately work the quartz, sketching out Buddhas robe with great detail as well as the lotus he sits upon and his medicine bowl. It seems that every part of Medicine Buddha has been meticulously shaped. Quartz is the most abundant mineral on earth and is used for many purposes. It is a great amplifier and contains the whole colour spectrum of light which gives it an incredible healing capacity. Carved into Medicine Buddha only encourages the healing aspect to be utilized further. You can use this invocation to call upon the health giving power of Medicine Buddha:

Invocation to the Medicine Buddha:
om namo bhagawate beshajye guru
vaidurya prabha rajaya tathagataya
arhte sammyaksambuddhaya tadyatha
om bheshajye beshajye maha beshajye
beshajye rajaya samungate svaha

Invocation of the Medicine Buddha mantra means in short: May all beings be auspicious!  I make my prostration to you who destroyed the enemy of negative life cycle changes, who has thus gone to the state of enlightenment like other Buddhas, who perfectly accomplished the quality of the Buddha, the supreme physician who is fully liberated and awakened, the enlightened one, Medicine Buddha. Bedurya, King of the physicians.

A delightful piece for your altar or sacred space. Measures 6.75" x 4"

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