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Nirvana Quartz (10285)


Product Description

Nirvana Quartz is sometimes referred to as Himalayan Ice Quartz. This is not just because of its appearance and texture, as it does resemble ice and give off a cooling feeling; but more so because it originates from the Himalayan Mountains. It was discovered shortly after part of a 1800ft high glacier had melted and appears to have been subjected to some growth interference. It is a fairly new stone on the market and it is of no coincidence that it is being discovered now. As we move away from the Piscean age and begin to enter the new age of Aquarius, the real truth of who we are is as important as it ever was. We are now in the cusp of this transition, Piscean-Aquarius and the need for us to connect deeply to this Truth is key to our growth. The Himalayas are a deeply spiritual and energetically potent place, a place that has been the spark for many to enlighten themselves and understand their place within our world and their gift to share with the rest of humanity. It is the etheric home of The Masters who oversee and guide humanity's path, so those who wish to interact with these forces can use Nirvana Quartz to do just that. It is also the place that nurtures Nirvana, and at best for most of us, Nirvana is a place which we can only begin to glimpse. This place of freedom, silence and non attachment, of complete enlightenment. This is the potential that Nirvana Quartz holds, when you connect with this stone, you connect to the wisdom of the Himalaya and to your true self. It offers you that glimpse of Divinity and allows you to see and feel the essence of who you are, by connecting you to your soul in a very conscious way.

measures 3.75" x 1.75"

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