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Nine Chakra Healing Set (1248265983)


Product Description

These are nine beautiful crystals, each cut to correspond with the specific geometric patterns contained within the structure of the chakra system. They are designed to be placed on the body from Root to Crown and unique to this set, the 8th & 9th chakras above the head. Each crystal measures 1" x 1".

The set consists of a
Smoky Quartz Star of David for the Root Chakra
Rutilated Quartz Ascension Star for the Sacral Chakra
Siberian Gold Quartz Star of David for the Solar Plexus Chakra
Rose Quartz Angelic Star for the Heart Chakra
Siberian Blue Quartz Ascension Star for the Throat Chakra
Siberian Purple Quartz Ascension Star for the Third Eye Chakra
Clear Quartz Ascension Star for the Crown Chakra

Tanzanite Aura Quartz Angelic Star for the 8th Chakra
Opalised Quartz Angelic Star for the 9th Chakra.

Michael is the author of: Crystal Oversoul Attunements were published by Findhorn Press in 2011. They have since become world-wide best sellers that are also translated into French.

Unfolding Our Light published in 2013 by Findhorn Press explores Crystal Oversoul consciousness even further through what Michael refers to as attunements. The book has gone on to be one of the biggest selling books for creating and meditating with crystal grids.

The Nine Chakra Crystal Healing Manual published in 2007 by the Magical Forest Press and was Michael's first book. Although not directly linked to Crystal Oversouls it is an interesting book in its own right and can be read as the first step the author was taking in his direction.

Crystal Oversoul New Earth Attunements: 22 cards, book and 2 meditation CDs published by Findhorn Press 2015 continues the Oversoul journey through new mandala cards, a book and for the first time a double CD set with each of the 22 attunements read by the author.

Michael has worked in the crystal healing field for over 30 years. He is the Chair of ACHO.

He feels that these sets are important tools for people working in the healing arts, helping clients to make the shift into the emerging light. The nine crystals work as one being and have a consciousness of their own. When all the crystals are placed on the body and above the head, something magical happens. An auspicious field of consciousness appears around the person laying down. The client receives a balancing and an activation of all nine chakras that are completely unique to the persons needs. The layout encourages the body's natural healing processes to unfold at an individual rate. The crystals can be used individually to make essences or meditate with to further understand their patterning. Each set is handled and prepared by Mike himself, thus keeping the original intention and lineage intact - from creator to you.Therefore these sets are unique to AristiA. When you are working with them you are working with the evolving new paradigms of healing consciousness. These sets have now been appreciated by healers around the world and intergrated into their existing practices or applied on their own. Comes complete with Michaels manual including layouts, diagrams and information on the concept of the nine chakras and the use of the set.




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