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Mu Ki Ra - Song of Lemuria SOLD (113063)


Product Description


Lemurian seed Earth Keeper crystal measuring 29” in height and 11” wide.
It has transmitted the power name “Mu Ki Ra - Song of Lemuria”.

Lemurians are surfacing at this time to help us re-connect to Lemuria and its vibrations. My guidance says that Lemuria was the original continent where the first wave of Star Beings descended, in those days known as the Motherland. Atlantis was an out post of Lemuria formed some thousands of years later, and the two continents lasted for thousands and thousands of years. Lemuria was the womb of original creation. The Lemurians worked with what we now call vibrational or subtle medicine. They co-created with the mineral, deveric, Angelic and elemental kingdoms, what we now take for granted - trees, plants, animals and all we see in this world.
This is what the Crystal Oversouls have to say about this rare crystal "Lemurian seed crystals carry our original song of Lemuria. By that I mean the song is a metaphor for the energetic sound we once made in this ancient civilization. When we work with a Lemurian seed crystal we activate deep, ancient codings within our being."
Katrina Raphaell coined the name Lemurian Seed. She meditated with these crystals and aligned with a group of powerful beings who existed on the Earth plane before the time of Lemuria, and participated in the seeding of star systems. During the final days of Lemuria they planted these crystals within the Earth and programmed them to transmit a sense of oneness, unity, and love to other crystals being created throughout time. The Lemurian Seed crystals create a holographic connection between Inner Earth, the surface of the Earth and the Stellar regions, while linking the Seed crystals with other crystals in and on the Earth. This holographic connection also integrates the crystals with the human magnetic field, the human magnetic field with the Earth, and the Earth with the outer multi-dimensional universe. One more incredible feature, the sides of the crystal have horizontal striations that carry the knowledge of how to maintain unity while being individualized and living on the physical plane.
According to Katrina Raphaell's Crystalline Transmission book, Earth Keeper crystals were created many thousands of years ago by the non-physical Elders of our race when they beamed their light force into the silicon dioxide of the earth. As human evolution began its natural descent into the illusionary world of the senses, the Earth Keeper Crystals were buried deep within the ground and were programmed to record the entire cycle of human evolution. They have now resurfaced and require specialized attunement and attention in order to be activated. Once activated, the Earth Keepers will serve two important functions. First, they will transmit the cumulative knowledge of the entire earth plane cycle back to the stellar realms to be used for the development of consciousness on other worlds. Secondly, the Earth Keepers will transmit the consciousness of the Elders upon the earth, enabling all those who come into their presence to be uplifted and inspired.



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