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Morganite and Aquamarine set in 14ct gold (115288)


Product Description

A beautiful pendant with a faceted Morganite (top stone) with a faceted Aquamarine. Set in 14 carat gold. Measures 1.25" in length by 0.25" width.

A unique piece of jewellery that combines two delicate energies.

Morganite is a wonderful stone that paves the way for us to be happy and content in our own skin, content with our own lives and alive with what is unfolding right now.

Here is what the Crystal Oversouls have to say about this remarkable crystal "The Morganite Oversoul attunes us to union. Just looking at the Morganite Oversoul mandala is awe-inspiring. It is a rare pink colour that can align the heart to unity consciousness. As we enter the centre of the Oversoul’s mandala we are warmly greeted by 8 luminous pink beings, which are the Oversoul consciousness. They wear golden and copper coloured robes.
The beings guide us into the heart of Morganite. Inside we see the inner temple, a magnificent Morganite crystal bathed in luminous pink light. As we enter, we hear distant bells and chants and we sense that there is more to this sacred space than we can comprehend. In the centre of the temple stands a table carved from a single Morganite crystal, which we are invited to lay upon. But we feel apprehensive, not knowing what to expect. Eventually, we decide to trust, and as we surrender to the table and space, the beings form a mandala of pink and golden light. We are bathed in this light as it permeates our entire aura and elevates our consciousness to such a degree that we cannot resist knowing deeply in our heart, that it is divine love.
Any feelings of separation that we have been carrying fall away in the presence of such love."

The name aquamarine comes from this minerals connection to water, it is derived from the latin words aqua marina meaning 'water of the sea'. It is a wonderful stone to be working with connecting you deeply to the Water element. In Feng Shui Water relates to the ability to let go, to be fluid, yielding, flexible and courageous. On the other hand, if there is an imbalance then there could be timidity and fearfulness. Aquamarine is a master at working with these subjects. If you place Aquamarine in the Northern part of your home, this will support your career plans.

This is what the Crystal Oversoul Attunement cards say about Aquamarine "Collectively we are entering unchartered waters in these times as a human race. The emotional body that has served as a blueprint of behaviour for the past two thousand years has completed itself. The next cycle of human history is already upon us and the emerging new layers of human consciousness are drawing the map. As we enter these multi-dimensional fields of possibilities, it is Aquamarine that is serving us in our adjustment.
Aquamarine is one of the most beneficial stones to call upon in times of need or upheaval. By working with this stone any fears or anxieties holding one back are brought to the surface"

Text copyright "the Crystal Oversoul Attunements" published by Inner Traditions Bear & Co.

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