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Moldavite and Herkimer pendant (115699)


Product Description

A beautiful pendant with Moldavite and Herkimer diamond set in silver - measures 2.5" x 0.5"

Moldavite is a very powerful stone of transformation. There are hardly any deposits left of Moldavite as it was formed by intense meteorite showers that took place over 15 million years ago. As these incredible meteor showers hit the earth, they were blended and fused with the earths surface by the heat and pressure of the impact and catapulted back into the atmosphere which created that unique surface of Moldavite. It truly is a stone not of this world. The name Moldavite was adopted after the Moldau River Valley in the Czech Republic, where it was principally found. In the Middle Ages Moldavite was only owned by those considered to be of nobility or royalty. One of the oldest and most treasured minerals known, two pieces of it were found with the Venus of Wilendorf when she was excavated.
Here is what the Crystal Oversoul Attunement cards say about Moldavite. "There are times in most peoples’ lives where a leap of faith is called for. Moldavite is the perfect crystal companion during such times. Its energy encourages flexibility, spontaneity and dexterity. With this stone’s energy by our side we know we can achieve our goals. We take the necessary actions certain that the right set of opportunities are at hand. We are able to follow our inner guidance as we have cultivated the ability to listen to the signs from an intuitive level. We have examined our motives and desires and know that what we are creating is in our best interest, it will bring us pleasure.
There are endless possibilities with Moldavite as it encourages us to expand our horizons and open our mind to new experiences" Text copyright "the Crystal Oversoul Attunements" published by Findhorn Press 2011.

Herkimer Diamonds are exquisite gems, they are naturally double terminated quartz crystals which have formed from dolomite. A process that took place around 5 million years ago when magnesium infused with limestone and calcite. Herkimer Diamonds has a wonderful way of uplifting the spirit. It has a strong affinity to the higher chakras especially the Sahasrara Chakra or the Crown Chakra known as the thousand petalled lotus. Encouraging you to experience higher levels of consciousness and expanding your awareness and connection to Source.

This is what the Crystal Oversoul Attunement cards say about Herkimer Diamond
"Herkimer Diamonds encourage us to be optimistic, positive and relaxed in our attitude. There is such a positive and reassuring message to these crystals that it is a challenge to remain unhappy around them.
Herkimer diamond reminds us that life can be simple and easy. Their unique energy balances the crown chakra, and it is this centre of power that dictates our overall attitude to life. If we can remember that we are also made in the image of joy radiating from the crown chakra, all that manifests on our behalf will reflect this energy, as well.
Herkimer diamonds help us remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. With this in mind we see the world through the eyes of wonder and exitement" Text copyright "the Crystal Oversoul Attunements" published by Findhorn Press 2011.

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