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Lemurian Smokey Temple Keepers

Lemurian Smokey Temple Keepers. These crystals are part of a much larger crystal that stood in the Temple of Earth in Lemuria. The memories and codes from the Temple of Earth were set into these crystals for safe keeping. There are 33 crystals in all. Each of these 33 crystals holds a piece of the larger crystal which together make up the whole story and power of the Temple of Earth. These 33 crystals were sent into the future and waited in the inner planes until the time was right. These crystals have now started to manifest through the planes into this time and space.

These crystals through their energy challenge us to stand firmly on the Earth - to be present to the vastness that we are. The Deveric presence of these crystals are specialy placed to assist us in grounding our light-bodies deeper into form.

Pieces such as this can work just as well in groups or on an individual level.