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Chakra Incense set with Ohmn Diffuser

This Chakra incense will subtly scent your space and at the same time energise and balance your chakras. The package is composed of 14 chakra incense bricks – two for each chakra – and a neat little aroma diffuser with the OHM design. Also included is a tea-light candle, a cork coaster for safe use and instructions on how to use. In addition the bricks will burn down and leave a fully compostable dry brick.  If you like a gentle, subtle fragrance in your home, you will love this.

The incense bricks are made from natural ingredients including aromatic woods, flowers, herbs and resins.  Made in India by a 5-generation Indian family owned company to a secret family recipe.

100% IFRA (International Fragrance Association) compliant and responsibly resourced.
Ash-free, non-toxic incense.

How To use

Instructions and Safety information are included with the product.