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Double Isis Ajoite (1456917445)


Product Description

A special Ajoite with two Isis faces on the main apex. The quartz is self-healed and the main faces are covered in recorders. Measures 3" x 1.75"

An Isis crystal is identified by its five sided face on its apex. The Isis crystal is what is known as a master crystal. The symbolism of an Isis crystal is its ability to help us restore and gather any fragmented aspects of our being. The obvious usage of an Isis is when it can be used for Soul retrieval.An Isis crystal can assist us in overcoming obstacles and challenges. This beautiful master crystal gives strength and courage to overcome all adversities.

The following is an extract taken from Crystal Oversoul New Earth Attunements which describes part of the Isis attunement “Oh child of the universe you have overcome insurmountable adversity to be here - you have mastered the qualities of patience and perseverance. What was invisible to you will now become visible - what was unseen will become seen. Unfold your radiance star child, another fragment of your light-body has been brought home to you. You are ready to explore the New Earth” As these words explode within our consciousness we know them to be true. We stand absorbing the consequence of what we have just heard and felt - knowing that we are more complete than we have ever been"

Ajoite is a copper silicate mineral, that occurs usually in Quartz. First discovered in Arizona by the Papago Indians, this highly prized crystal was valued as a bringer of peace and purity. In 1947 a deposit had been found at the Messina mine in South Africa, but it was not correctly identified until 1960 as Ajoite. The last discovery of Ajoite at the Messina mine was made in 1991 and now due to dangerous conditions in the mine, the mine is closed. To date there are no known new sources of this precious crystal and none likely to come onto the market.
Here is what the Crystal Oversoul Attunement cards say about Ajoite "We are vast beings of light that incarnate in part in human form. We have traveled many lifetimes and have experienced a multitude of experiences to be here at this time in the turning of human history. A new cycle has begun and each of us is here to help the earth’s transition into a new dimension.
Ajoite’s colouring and character reminds us of our ancient Lemurian light. For some, this is a painful memory as in subsequent lives after Lemuria this light was misunderstood and many were persecuted. This burdened memory has led to a reluctance to take on positions of power or responsibility.
By working with this crystal fears that inhibit the expression of our light in the world are finally healed. Our light can radiate again without attracting negative attention"
Text copyright "the Crystal Oversoul Attunements" published by Findhorn Press 2011.

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