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Tangerine quartz

Tangerine quartz radiates a beautiful transparent orange in us. These crystals were mined and then polished by hand in Madagascar.

I asked the Crystal Oversouls if they would enjoy offering some information illuminating its being and what it has to offer us.
Here is their response. “Beloved One. Tangerine quartz offers a singular vibration that can take you deep into the sacredness of the sacral chakra and release spiritual passion.

When you work closely with this stone, especially around the waning moon, you will be reminded of your deeper flowing nature that yearns to be your friend and part of your journey. Why you may ask the waning moon? Well, it is a truly magical time for decreasing feelings associated with shame and fear.

Tangerine quartz guides towards the liminal zones. Those secret places of your inner life that are wilder in nature. These wild uninhibited inner forces may have been viewed by others, when expressed without restraint, as something to hide and be ashamed of because it reminded them of there own inhibitions. When, as children, you believed the limits of others and absorbed their anxiety as your reality you restrict access to the true potential of your creativity.
The wild uninhibited forces are your secret creative gold that is only given when you journey within and leave something behind such as the limits imposed by others on you.”

All writing by Michael Eastwood

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