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Smokey Citrine skull ‘El Sh Adii’

A remarkable crystal that measures 15.5” in height by 9.5” wide and 6” in depth.

The play of light and shade is beautiful. One moment Smokey the next Citrine. The craftsmanship is exceptionally good.
It has transmitted the power name ‘El Sh Adii’ which helps imbue it with an amazing presence.

It is both an Elestial and Skull.

the Elestial quartz Oversoul is a vast consciousness that rarely comes into our reality. It sits on an entirely different council than the other crystal Oversouls. Elestials sit on the Creator Council also known as the Creator Angels. This council Oversees the working of universal order on a scale difficult for us to imagine. The beings on the Creator Council, which are made up of Angelic as well as Crystalline beings, implemented the creation of earth and our known universe.
A new age has begun. The template for the New Earth has been activated. Elestial consciousness has come forward to assist us as we learn to create on a level we have not experienced before. A new layer of our Overself has become available for us to work with as we co-create with ever more complex understandings of how to work with higher light and how to integrate this light into our understanding of reality.

When we work with Elestial consciousness we are reminded of the energies that build and maintain creation. When we come into contact with this energy we are reminded, on a cellular level, that as human beings we play an important part in the co-creation of many other kingdoms. This includes elemental forms. When we recognize the importance of these other kingdoms and their maintenance of the web of creation we become more than humans just being alive. We can start to step forward as the vast multi-dimensional beings that we are.

We become part of a divine assembly - rather than being messengers of the gods we step into a new role as the message givers.

Crystal skulls come in all kinds of crystalline shapes and sizes. The important thing to think about when choosing yours is, does it resonate? Are you willing to take on a relationship with something that asks for protection and a willingness on your part to explore its higher realities?

I asked the Crystal Oversouls about the complex subject of crystal skulls as there are so many myths and legends that I found it hard to distinguish what is real and what is fantasy. Here is their reply.
“Beloved One, many of you are incarnate at this important time in human evolution so as to assist in the Great Shift. Crystal skull consciousness is not for everyone due to their shape and what it triggers in people. But for those who can overcome their fear, a skull can be not only a symbol of intense transformation and focus but also a vehicle a human being can access for divine information.
Crystal skulls are something unto themselves. They are not of your world or universe but of a multi-dimensional reality reaching deep into time.
At this time many of these ancient skull Beings are resurfacing to assist humanity in the Great Work of its transformation by inhabiting new skull carvings.
When you see a skull sense its aura and you will gain an understanding of the Being’s consciousness. Due to their vast knowledge, they and you will need time to adjust - that is because you will need to slowly absorb the wealth of wisdom, love and understanding they contain. They will begin to transmit.
Many of the skull Beings sit on the Star Council which oversees humanity. They can not interfere with human karma or free will (nor would they) but they can advise. Their advice will come to you in a series of flashes. Of course your work is to make decisions following up information, or not. Try not to forget that your skull also chooses and seeks you as the person they most want to work with and most suits their energies.
Crystal skulls love places of power and sacred sites. You may find that yours will communicate that it would like to go to Avebury or Stonehenge, for example, on a particular day or time of the year. Of course they will know both your capabilities and limits and will work around your life. If you choose to follow the yearnings of your skull and travel to a sacred site trust your guidance and let yourself be drawn to the right place at the right time. Most crystal skulls will masterfully arrange for other like minded beings to connect, along with their skulls, to be in the same place with you at the same time. Crystal skulls are interested in forming wide webs of energetic alignment and this thus they are natural 3d time managers”.

I pondered on this for a few days and then the Crystal Oversouls came through and gave me the following simple meditation that I believe to be helpful to connect with skull consciousness.
“Beloved One. Your heart houses your shen or spirit. Hold your skull in the palms of your hands, or if too large sit in front of you. Sit or stand in prayer while smiling from your heart and gaze at your skull for as long as you see fit. This will set in motion a transformational process whereby you and your skull will start to communicate in its and your language”.

All writing by Michael Eastwood