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Mount Shasta Opal

There is more to Mount Shasta than meets the eye. If we choose to observe, utilizing our higher senses of perception, we will see inside the sacred mountain where beings of light dwell in peace and harmony. These beings are numerous and comprise of Lemurian ancients, Dragons, Unicorns, Star beings and Elementals. The mountain is embraced in an etheric pyramid whose capstone reaches far into space. The various beings that inhabit the mountain work with the etheric pyramid. These precious multi-dimensional beings understand that Mount Shasta is an incarnation of the Greater Central Sun. It plays an vitally important role in the maintenance of our system.
Mount Shasta Opal comes from the mountain and is imbued with this energy and has the ability to transport us to the etheric pyramid of Mount Shasta itself. Handling this precious stone I notice how at home I feel. How time, distance and space no longer matter. I feel that this stone will be at it’s most powerful combined with crystalline Dragons, Unicorns, Lemurian seed crystals, Ajoite, Papagoite and Skulls.

Writing by Michael Eastwood

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