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Mongolian quartz

Mongolian quartz
Recently discovered in Inner Mongolia. These crystals are fascinating all the more because only a small quantity was found  and now the mine is empty. On first viewing I thought that these were large Seriphos quartz, but they are not and they have a very different energy about them. The slightly green tone comes from the presence of hedenbergite. These crystals appear to be a combination of scepter quartz, hedenbergite, elestial and record keepers all rolled into one. Robert Simmons has called these stones ‘Green Angel Dreamstone’ and has trademarked the name.

I will stand by and prefer the name Mongolian quartz and here is my take on these remarkable crystals:
These are powerful gentle and subtle crystals. When I handled them I found myself gently and easily moving my awareness into my dream body. I became aware that I was astral travelling around the earth and it was later when I noted my experiences that I realised that I had been visiting etheric temples located over various parts of the planet. I believe that the temples that I visited are the etheric retreats of the Masters.
This for me is the key to these crystals: they open, activate and cleanse our third eye chakra as well as our etheric body in such a way that we slip in and out of time and space with renewed freedom and ease. We are more able to dream ourselves and be called into alternate realities while remaining present and conscious in our current frame of time.