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Lepidolite Green tourmaline Guardian

Lepidolite and Green Tourmaline Guardian measuring 11" x 10" x 8". I have called this beauty a Guardian because to me it radiates that energy.

Lepidolite is a mica that contains lithium. It has a long tradition in healing circles as a stone of emotional balance, helping to restore peace and calm. Lepidolite has a protective, reassuring energy that supports folk in transition, upheaval or change. Lepidoite's vibration says "Trust in the flowing process. All will be well".

Green Tourmaline helps us remember our soul mission by taking us to the heart of the dream that we nurture within. Through this experience an awakening occurs and the song that resides in our soul’s heart starts to sing. If we learn to listen and follow our soul’s song we will be guided ever deeper.

When we work with Green Tourmaline we begin to magnify our experience on Earth. Through this process Green Tourmaline helps us remember our Soul mission. Our Soul has a plan that requires the right environment and set of events for it to be realized. We all carry within our heart the template of this plan that only we, along with our Soul’s support can nurture it into manifestation.