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Mongolian Lemurian seed crystals

Lemurian quartz from Mongolia is a recent find that has captured my attention. I adore Lemurian seed crystals yet until recently most that have surfaced have only been found in South America. Obviously anything Lemurian coming from another location is always going to intrigue me.
I asked the Crystal Oversouls about these especially interesting pieces. “Beloved Ones’. Lemurian seed crystals from Mongolia are resurfacing to assist as you awaken and activate even more of your ancient light. For those drawn to these crystal allies they offer protection for your inner journeying so that what returns from your voyages will be guarded. These crystals, although ancient in origin, are infused with new light-codes that will reveal, for those drawn to work with them, heightened frequencies of stellar light. This light is designed to serve a new opening above your 12th chakra so that you may more easily travel deeper into time and space, unhindered by fear or doubt so that you may weave the light.
These special crystals energetically wrap themselves around you similar to a cloak of light. There is a further aspect to these crystals. Each contains Hematite fragments which also serve to ground your experiences so that what returns to you is more tangible and thus becomes more of a reality upon the New Earth”.
I pondered on this and thought the transmission complete when suddenly more information came through. “Beloved Ones’. The region known now as Mongolia was, during the time of the first wave of Star incarnations, a far flung part of the Lemurian continent. It was a special, sacred place that Lemurian society revered as holy ground. There was a vast temple complex that served those that lived and traveled there in their quest for knowledge. Many Lemurian legends attested to the magical powers attained by those who served or who stayed in these temples because of the dedication and continued contact with stellar consciousness that took place. There is still a residue of this magical power alive today in the people that inhabit parts of Mongolia. This power survives and is transmitted through the shamanic ceremonies that are still undertaken in this area. When you work with these crystals you are connecting to the vast web of crystalline light that emanates from Mongolia that is reaching out to you to be taken seriously again. What was once sacred and holy desires to be re-activated and put to use during this great age of transition”.

All writing by Michael Eastwood

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