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Light of Lemuria

Light of Lemuria is one of those master crystals that every so often manifests it’s consciousness in our reality. It is truly remarkable. Let me first of all describe the interior: Inside are silver rutile rods that help create abstract patterns. Planes inside the crystal also create the most incredible feast for the eyes as light , especially when sunlight illuminates from behind.
The outer form of this crystal measures 15” high and 11” wide including the wooden stand. Without the stand measures 12” high by 8.25” wide. The stand was specially created to hold the crystal. This remarkable crystal has formed as a Channeller. A channeller is recognized by the formation of seven sides on the front main face and the back face being a triangle. In numerology 7 represents the search for truth and discernment. The number 3 represents our spiritual being having a human experience as well as creativity and communication.
Channellers are here to assist us, during ritual or meditational experiences, so that we may better understand our journey here on earth. How we can learn to see our reality through the eyes of our soul or ancient being so that we may better understand who we are and what we are here to do, or be.
The power name ‘Light of Lemuria’ came through to me as I was photographing this crystal. Power names indicate a crystals particular function or purpose. Sometimes a crystal will work with a name in order to attract the attention of it’s human guardian.