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Dragon Master crystal

This crystal is remarkable in so many ways. Not only is it a massive double terminated quartz with multiple terminations measuring 22” in length by 8” wide - it is also an intergalactic dragon master. Although obviously this crystal is not a dragon skull carving it is still imbued with similar consciousness that I associate with dragon carvings. Dragons are immensely intelligent beings that act as bridges between higher worlds or veils of consciousness. We work directly with them when we meditate with their form. They are master co-creators who act swiftly and creatively, imbuing our consciousness with flashing impressions and insights. It is our work to be quiet, listen, receive and ultimately act upon their guidance.
This beauty has a vast multi-faceted aura that radiates outwards illuminating and elevating all it touches. It is in this aura that the dragon spirit resides. This spirit transmits that it is an intergalactic dragon master. I meditated with this crystal and asked of it “what is your role” and this is what came through.
“Beloved One. I reveal myself in order to assist the Earth while it makes its transition through the Great Shift. I offer my deep grounded presence to those that seek new ways to assist as the Earth continues to birth itself into a New Earth.
Simultaneously I reside in an inner plane temple of light that was once active during the period known as Lemuria. This temple has, until now, been hidden from human consciousness due to any potential mis-use. I am the guardian of the temple. Within the walls of the temple are a series of glyphs that were placed in safe keeping by the keepers of light, knowing that in a future age these glyphs would be needed by humanity in order to ascend. My role is to transport my human guardian/dreamer, via my light-body, into the temple so they can access the glyphs. These glyphs may only be accessed through a process we call glyph dreaming. What is actively dreamt by the dreamer will be offered up to spirit to assist the New Earth on its ever unfolding journey.”