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Aura Kyanite

Aura Kyanite has a permanent bonding of titanium over a Black Kyanite blade which gives each piece incredibly intense, beautiful colors. It is a very high vibrational stone that seems to pulsate in the hand. I find the wing formation fascinating and feel that in addition to the colours the shape speaks to us on another level of our being. I associate these colours with the robes of the priests and priestesses of Lemuria. The intense shade of cobalt blue is immensely triggering for us on a collective and personal level. It reminds us of our true heritage. Kyanite itself is a stone that cleanses and protects our light. Together these two energies engage not only our senses but also our deepest knowing - that we are here to re-discover our light and in doing so let it shine as bright as we choose to allow it. That our unfolding in this lifetime was destined to align with the Great Shift. We are here on purpose.
All words by Michael Eastwood.