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Apatite Purple

Purple Apatite is a loving, reassuring crystal companion on the path.
It is an extremely beautiful purple to lilac crystal that supports us when we are feeling depleted or leaking energy.
Sometimes we may feel that we have lost our spark. Purple Apatite reminds us that although we may not feel particularity sparkly our spark is still present and we can never loose it. This time may be the right time to practice trusting in our own inner resources rather than seeking to please others by putting on a brave face. It can be exhausting trying to be something we are not. Purple Apatite reassures us that we are fine just as we are and that there is no need to perform in order to please others. Once we come back into a space where we learn to accept ourselves even when we are not sparkly we allow something wonderful to unfold. Our energy feels less depleted and we are no longer leaking our life-force trying to look good to others.