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Anhydrite in Smokey quartz

A stupendous Smokey crystal bursting with white Anhydrite. Measures 6.25" x 4". I imagine beautiful possibilities with this crystal - with the Anhydrite energy infusing its light deeper into Smokeys consciousness.

Here are what the Crystal Oversouls have to say about Anhydrite this beautiful crystal "There is a particular human pattern that Anhydrite is more than qualified to resolve. Deep feelings of abandonment plague many people, which cause immense emotional distress. The roots of these feelings can be, amongst other issues, residual memories from painful lifetimes. Anhydrite is a powerful healer, gently guiding us to release the past by understanding how pain can be the way that we have learnt most from.  Anhyrite reminds us that we are not alone, are interconnected and embraced in the heart of the divine. What we have experienced as separation served us in reality to being guided to a deeper richer understanding of ourselves." Extract taken from the "Crystal Oversoul Attunements" by Michael Eastwood