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Anglesite is a sulphate lead mineral which was named after the Isle of Anslesey. It is one of the best known Welsh minerals. Anglesite is very heavy in weight due to its lead content and a master grounder. Excellent for those who feel spaced out and not present in their everyday activities. It balances the Muladhara Chakra or Root Chakra whose name means foundation in Sanskrit. The Muladhara Chakra is situated at the base of the spine beneath the sacrum and is connected to the Earth element. A good way to connect to the Muladhara using your Anglesite is to practice a breathing meditation using the sound Lam which is the seed sound of the Root Chakra. Practice in a tranquil space, firstly hold your crystal in your hands between your palms and begin to slow your breath down. Breathing long and deep for a few breaths, close your eyes and begin chanting Lam focusing the sound so it penetrates your Anglesite. After a few times, lay back with your legs slightly open and place your crystal between your feet, just a little further away and continue chanting, focusing on pushing the energy down your legs and through the soles of your feet. Keep going for as long as feels right for you. When yor are ready, stop chanting and just lay resting in this position until you feel ready to come back. This is a good grounding exercise, that will encourage you to feel supported in all your endeavours.