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Anandalite - Ladder to the stars

A rare and powerful recently discovered stone from India. It has brilliant flashes of iridescent color, very similar to Angel Aura quartz, but it is natural.
It is probable that it is Rhodium that is causing the coloration changes.
It is mainly when this crystal is exposed to direct light that the flashes of color appear over its surface.
When I tuned into this stone I received the name "Ladder to the Stars" and this is the information this crystal transmitted to me.

"When meditated with or used in a healing layout Anandalite will help in the quickening and clearing of the human DNA patterns.
The patterns primarily associated with this are the dormant codes of star light that all humans carry.
The term Ladder the Stars refers to the ability of the crystals consciousness to activate the chakras above the head - primarily the eighth, ninth and tenth.
These sacred centres once activated enable the human being to energetically release their star codes and navigation maps. These are the gifts of light encoded in the higher chakras placed by ourselves prior to our descent into matter, to be retrieved in this current cycle of human consciousness"
written and received by Michael Eastwood