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Citrine Recorders

Many years ago I had an experience which gives me a special affinity with recorders. At the end of a meditation I found myself within a cave deep underground. There were many beings in the cave all leaving what I knew to be Atlantis. Very calmly we merged into the walls taking with us all the gathered information into the crystalline walls. I feel that recorders are the information that we placed into the crystals for a later age, that age is now.

Record keepers have very small triangles just slightly raised above the surface on the face of a crystal point or in clusters. They contain universal knowledge and information that are aeons old and placed by the user in another life in order to retrieve the information in a future life time, like this one. The retrieval of this past life information is subtle and the record keeper downloads the information needed through the user's own energy field which in turn filters it down into the conscious mind.