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Citrine sphere 'Rainbow Joy' (112829)


Product Description

Citrine is known as the stone of sunshine, connecting you to the warmth, joy and comfortableness of this major firey star, the giver of life. In Feng Shui Citrine relates to the Fire element, the season of Summer, the sound of laughing and the emotion of happiness. It has an uplifting and motivating vibration and is a symbol of energy and passion.

Citrine Spheres are great aids to harmonise the energy in your environment. In feng shui, colour plays an important part in balancing energy as colour is just pure light. The shape is also important and each shape represents a different element. The sphere for instance represents the metal element which also affects your mental clarity, concentration and organisational skills.The colour of Citrine also relates to the feng shui fire element. The subject of the Fire element is about movement, joy and fulfillment, it can encourage greater self esteem and overall well being. Citrine spheres would be good for any room that lacks in light, drawing on the feng shui energy of fire. The fire element in feng shui also relates to the South, which is the area which governs your fame and reputation. So placing a citrine sphere in the South of your home will also influence this area of your life.

This AA grade sphere measures 3.75" across and is one the highest grade Citrine we have ever had. It is full of rainbows and exhibits the most exquisite golden colour. It has transmitted the name 'Rainbow Joy' which indicates the quality of its intention. This majestic crystal is also a phantom. Phantom quartz are crystal planes and memories of previous crystalline growth. Within the crystal itself you will see these solid phantoms like smoky shadows and subtle outlines of crystal growth which have grown first and then stopped. The crystal has then resumed its crystallization process, enclosing the previous crystal growth as a phantom outline within itself. Phantoms are wonderful tools for past life work and regression as well as deeper work with the subconscious mind.


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