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Chrysocolla tumbles (111722)


Product Description

This deeply blue-green coloured mineral was once called "green turquoise" before being distinguished as a mineral of its own. This strong copper bearing mineral was also used as a caustic application for wounds, ulcers, sore eyes and as a very dangerous emetic. The name comes from the Greek chrysos meaning gold, and kolla meaning glue in allusion to the name of the material used to solder gold, first used by Theophrastus in 315 BCE.

Chrysocolla allows the ability to be vulnerable and sensitive on this Earth. The feminine qualities in our psyche whether we are incarnate in male or female bodies is a powerful force. When embraced we become the living bride to the the sacred force of our inner masculine energy, and alchemy occurs. Our soul is neither male or female and our lives have been spent in male and female flesh forms, Chrysocolla helps us to address the balance and merge with the female aspect of our nature. Overseen by Archangel Sandalphon & Archangel Haniel and the Masters Influence: Gaia - Sanat Kumara & the Lady Venus.

Each stone measures 1" approx - price is per stone.

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