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Azurite cluster (1380212552)


Product Description

Azurite is one of the most intense blue crystals and is perfect for the third eye chakra, helping to clear out old memory patterns, especially from unknown origins. Azurite opens the third eye chakra by releasing old programmes around fear of mis-using power. Helps clear up guilt and sorrow patterns that can inhibit growth. The Angelic Oversoul of Azurite has its origins in the early Atlantean consciousness. The Azurite oversoul worked along side the High Priests and High Priestess lineages. Azurite has a strong link to these functions as it is deep and strong in its presence. The ability Azurite has to help people travel through human anxieties and fears is remarkable. This energy was called upon many times in the initiations of the Atlanteans and later the Egyptian and Mayan ceremonies. The vibration of Azurite penetrates the veil between the human world and the subconscious layers. Azurites energy acts as a guide through maya, the illusions - into the Soul realms. Angelic Influence: Archangel Michael.

Measures just under 4" across by 2.5"

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