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Aqua Aura pendant (115051)


Product Description

Aqua Aura Quartz's are very beautiful crystals. They have been intentionally made by fusing top grade quartz pieces with different metals to give their vivid metallic colours. They hold a very strong energy that help us communicate our vision or creativity into the world. Aqua Aura helps to open the throat and third eye chakras and is excellent for people wanting to explore all forms of higher consciousness.

Set in silver - measures 1.5" (including clasp) x 1"

The Aqua Aura Oversoul serves by helping us recall our original conception prior to our first incarnation on Earth. The mandala of this Oversoul has a luminous blue light that for some is recognizable as the colour of Lemurian robes. The mandala is a vast crystalline flower with the intense bluish light of Lemuria. The mandala spins, moves and pulsates calling us deep within. The 6 beings that are the Oversoul’s consciousness greet us in robes of the same bluish light. They all raise their robes in unison, which on some ancient level we recognize as a Lemurian greeting. Memories flood into our minds and we feel a deep affinity with the beings.
The beings guide us to the centre of the mandala. The beings pull back to the outer reaches of the mandala and a magical movement begins. The entire consciousness of the mandala spins and sings in an ancient Star language. We are imbued on every level of our being with an ecstatic energy that opens our aura and field of perception. We see ourselves preparing, with others, to incarnate into this Earth for the first time. We see that we carry unique gifts with us, one of them being a navigational system - our inner guidance. All words by Michael Eastwood taken from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements published by Inner Traditions Bear and Co.

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