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Amethyst geode sphere

An exquisite sphere hand carved from an Amethyst geode. Measures 7"

The Amethyst geode is one of the most captivating and beautiful geodes ever found. Each one is uniquely shaped by nature, their shells lined with thousands of purple Amethyst crystals. In only one place on earth are these high quality amethyst geodes found, the Brazilian - Uruguayan border of South America. These wonders that have taken nature millions of years to create started out as a gas bubble from a magmatic flow. In the following epoch, ground water would slowly permeate the cavity, depositing its dissolved mineral deposits, slow enough for the dissolved minerals to assemble into their unique crystal form in the case of the Rio Grande do Sol region of Brazil, the circumstances of that environment were very special because of the silicon and iron /manganese minerals present. The geode cavities were to be filled with the amethyst crystal, possessing a deep, beautiful purple tone. Perhaps nowhere on earth is a more beautiful geode created.