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AAA grade Lemurian Golden Healer Twin (115179)


Product Description

A fascinating crystal that measures 3.75" x 1.5" wide. It is AAA grade and is a new discovery from a mine in La Belleza, Columbia. The quality is exceptional.

Lemurian Golden Healers have a distinctive golden hue that is created through a wash of iron hydrate on or near the surface. Through this it becomes a master crystal radiating itself of the golden ray of wisdom. This crystal is here at this time to help us assimilate and adjust our light bodies to the incoming energy shifts. Golden healers helps us navigate and align through the unfolding of the planetary ascension. The solar plexus chakra is the main entrance point of our physical form that helps us adjust to frequency changes.
We are moving through various stages of initiation both personally and collectively. This crystal has a special place in our development as it carries a strong Lemurian power. Many of us are here at the critical stage in human evolution with much of our Lemurian dna intact. When we work with this crystal the part of our being that remembers Lemuria and our unique position there is activated. Ancient layers of our dna are aligned and awaken to restore the memory to a conscious level that we need to continue our work in this time and space. What this crystal brings to light are any residual memories we may be carrying with regards to power. If we feel that we have abused or have been abused when in positions of power, this is the crystal to support an awakening to true power. We move from victim and trying to hide who we really are to the vast wise beings we truely are.

Lemurians are surfacing at this time to help us re-connect to Lemuria and its vibrations. My guidance says that Lemuria was the original continent where the first wave of Star Beings descended, in those days known as the Motherland. Atlantis was an out post of Lemuria formed some thousands of years later, and the two continents lasted for thousands and thousands of years. Lemuria was the womb of original creation. The Lemurians worked with what we now call vibrational or subtle medicine. They co-created with the mineral, deveric, Angelic and elemental kingdoms, what we now take for granted - trees, plants, animals and all we see in this world.

This is what the Crystal Oversouls have to say about this rare crystal "Lemurian seed crystal is perfectly placed to assist us in opening the eighth chakra.
When working in this region of the chakra system try not to rush the journey of opening prematurely the eighth chakra. The process is gentle and firm. Only when the other chakras are prepared and aligned will the eighth open, it cannot be forced. There are some people who have sealed up their eighth chakra after lives in Atlantis and Lemuria due to fear of misusing their powers. The time is here for these wise beings to awaken and resume their work and for the seal placed on the eighth to be opened. Lemurian seed crystals carry our original song of Lemuria. By that I mean the song is a metaphor for the energetic sound we once made in this ancient civilization. When we work with a Lemurian seed crystal we activate deep, ancient codings within our being."

Twin crystals balance our male and female polarities bringing us into union with the self, so that we have no desire to search for another to make us whole. It teaches us that we are already whole and complete and from that point we can create new maps of love and identity.

They are rare and occur when two points form as one.

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