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Vivianite (Blue)

An unusual stone - Vivianite can appear as green or blue.

Here is what the Crystal Oversouls have to say about this crystal "Vivianite serves to remind us of the strength and generosity of our hearts. Its energies help us shift feelings of resentment and fear from the heart and solar plexus chakras. These feelings if left unaddressed can weigh down our life force. Through this energy release we can find the compassion of our being and face anything.
Vivianite is a powerful healing ally that when meditated with or carried reminds us of our inner strength and our innate ability to let go of any feelings that are inhibiting the deepest expression of our life force. 
Vivianite’s message is that life is too short to hold onto grudges or to keep putting things off: ‘Face that which needs to be done and start the journey to your personal fulfillment’.